Ghetto Kids are once again topping the African charts after their appearance in Eltee Skhillz's video clip 'ODG', Nigeria's most 'shazamed' song of the year. These internet sensations from Uganda are constantly making waves in the media with different dance chirography since their first video in 2014.

Ghetto Kids

Over the years, the initial group of five underprivileged kids has grown. There are now a dozen of them vibrating to the beat of the music from all over the continent, all recruited in the streets of the Ugandan capital. Daouda Kavuma, founder of the dance group in an interview revealed that the reason for naming the group ghetto kids is because they are all from the ghetto and the sort of dance they do is called "nacho" which is the happiness they are showing to the world.

From 2014 till now the group has metamorphosed not only to a dancing and recruiting dancers group but it is now an organisation which uses dance, music and drama to help the underprivileged children. securing these children's future through education is one of their priorities.

Kayondo Madiwanah a 13 year old dancer in the group was found by Daouda dancing on the streets and using the tips to help his parents. After he was introduced to the dance group, things have been a lot better for him and his family thanks to the Ghetto Kids. This is truly an amazing experience and I am so happy to be here doing this.

Since 2014, their success story keeps getting better by the day. From the slums of Kampala to the videos of French Montana or Eltee Skhillz, the Ghetto Kids' are not done shaking up their success story.

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