Nowadays, everyone is either struggling to lose weight or maintain their current weight. From expensive diet plans to intensive workouts, the struggle continues; but with this amazing drink, the protruding belly will disappear when you introduce it as a weight loss ritual every morning. Belly fat is the nightmare of many women. It can spoil your mood, especially when you can no longer wear some of your favorite dresses or even feel comfortable in a swim suit or better still dress the way you would have loved to just because of stomach fat. It is worth implementing a few changes in your daily routine to feel lighter and improve your well-being. Forget crunches and crazy diets, our exciting journey to a slimmer waist starts right at your breakfast table, with a mug of warm water as your trusty sidekick. Yeah you heard me right, a cup of warm water! As simple as that.

Why must the water be warm?

Cold water causes blood vessels to constrict and slows down digestion, while warm water is known to improve metabolism which helps in burning calories. The ideal temperature is around 36 degrees Celsius. If we want to get rid of belly fat, we should drink warm water.

Even a small amount of warm water taken on a empty stomach has the ability to stimulate metabolism. Additionally, it improves intestinal function and can prevent constipation problems. This simple procedure can therefore support the weight loss process. But it is not everything. Water in the morning is also an excellent way to cleanse the body and get rid of toxins.

You can decide to add fresh lemon juice to your warm water or drink it just like that; either ways, warm water in the morning especially on an empty stomach is still the best.  Replace your morning coffee with a cup of warm drink and discover the incredible benefits for your health and figure.

Remember, dieting and portioning still has its place. You can't drink warm water in the morning then later in the day, you consume food meant for three people and do same in the evening, worst of all sleep immediately after eating; sad news, IT WON'T WORK.


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