It’s a revolutionary move that will create a lasting impact in the modelling industry in Africa! The Future Face Africa (FFA) project presents an amazing opportunity for emerging talents in Africa, for a chance to contest for a 2-year international modelling contract with a Top International Modeling agency, as well as a $5,000 cash reward. The aspirants will have a shot at a modelling career on the global stage.

Ecobank’s sponsorship of this project is revealing of the Pan African bank’s support for, and investment in young people – the strength of the continent, giving this group the opportunity for global stardom. This is in addition to the opportunity to promote the African culture and heritage.

Before the 2000s, few black faces graced the covers of women’s magazines apart from iconic figures like Naomi Campbell, Donyale Luna, and Beverly Johnson. The past decade has witnessed a meteoric rise in recognition and appreciation for African models and fashion all over the world. However, there is still so much untapped potential waiting to be discovered – a target for Future Face Africa. This explosive new talent search will be the largest scouting competition Africa has ever seen.

This project is being spearheaded by Elizabeth Isiorho, a pioneer in the African modelling industry and the founder of Africa's biggest modelling agency, Beth Model Management, which represents over 200 models, more than 50 of whom are placed with top international agencies from around the world. Beth Model Management Africa, in partnership with Ecobank, is realising the dream to parade the pride of Africa across the world. FFA will be giving opportunities to young models from various backgrounds and skin tones, aiming to go beyond the buzzwords of "diversity" and "inclusivity" to create an initiative that truly celebrates the range of beauty that the industry has to offer.

Ecobank is committed to initiatives that showcase the richness of African values, tradition, and creativity – initiatives that tell the African story. It was thus normal for the Pan African bank to look for great institutions promoting the African culture with world-class standard. When the opportunity presented itself through FFA, the partnership came naturally, with the aim to improve the quality of lifestyles of Africans. Through this collaboration, Ecobank wishes to expand the message “The Future is Bright” to their over 20 million customers, and to all Africans who are interested in improving their livelihoods, even beyond the shores of the continent.

The search is hence supported by Ecobank and its affiliates in Cameroon, Cape Verde, Senegal, Lagos, Burundi, Rwanda, Kenya, and Ghana. FFA will be equipping selected models with the knowledge and skills to achieve international success and to have long-lasting careers in a very competitive industry. For these models, Future Face Africa will be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that could change their lives forever.

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