Social media has been booming since the proposal of Nigerian Gospel artist, Moses Bliss and Marie Wiseborn went viral. While some fans beamed with delight, others vented. A lot of bloggers and TikTokers have spent time analysing the relationship with regards to how the couple met, the girl's physical appearance, her dressing, and her faith. The pressure on single people is only getting worse. For those who are single, you might need to take the theme of this year, "no gree for anyone" more seriously than other people. In all of this, we coined out some lessons that can be learnt and applied from the relationship of these two love birds.

Put yourself out there on social media

Many couples have met through social media. Don’t let overmaturity stop you from posting pictures and videos of yourself. Social media can be a bridge to love. Just like Wiseborn's dance video caught Bliss' attention, your online presence can spark meaningful connections.

Modesty matters

While online presence is important, maintain a balance. Posting revealing pictures might not attract the right kind of partner. Focus on showcasing your passions, talents, and interests. Remember, quality over quantity. Thoughtful content is more attractive than constant oversharing. Going under every post to type violent comments does not speak well of you. Use social media with moderation.

You attract your kind

Remember, you attract what you embody. Cultivate the qualities you desire in a partner and the right person will be drawn to your authentic self. If you are the partying type, then you should marry a party-going free spirit. Moses Bliss was probably attracted to her because she was a modest and God fearing woman, and as a gospel minister, that was what he was looking for.

Hope this helps our single ladies out there.

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