Hitmakers Kizz Daniel and Davido are collaborating on a remix of Kizz Daniel's smash hit tune 'Twe Twe'.

The remix was released on January 25, 2024, and it marks the superstars' second collaboration since their appearance on Kizz Daniel's 2018 hit 'One Ticket'.

Since its first release on December 12, 2023, 'Twe Twe' has has been at number one for multiple weeks and on the TurnTable Top 100, extending the  chart-topping streak of Kizz Daniel.

The song climbed to the top of the radio charts and was the most-streamed music on YouTube for a few weeks.

The remix not only aims to reintroduce the renowned 'Twe Twe', but also to inject it with both artists' dynamic energy and distinctive approaches. As a result, a unique and engaging musical experience is created that appeals to a wide range of audiences.

According to a source close to the artist, the music video for 'Twe Twe' will be released in the coming weeks. The video was reported to have been shot by a renowned video director  TG Omori.

The collaboration of TG Omori and Kizz Daniel, as well as the rockstar profile of Davido, will undoubtedly result in an immersive visual trip that compliments the  throbbing richness of the song.

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