A Family-moon is a honeymoon, where a newly married couple goes on their getaway with children. This is the best time to bond with your spouse, children and/or extended family. Bringing your whole family on your honeymoon is a great way to celebrate a new beginning while providing an enjoyable experience to everyone. This is especially important with blended families. When you are bringing two families together, a family-moon is a great way to start this wonderful journey for everyone. Doing things together is a great way to build lasting memories. Family moon is not just for couples and their children, other family members can tag along in this great adventure.

Browsing exotic locations, looking through hotels and finding fun things to do is a great way to relieve the stress and tension in at home. A family-moon provides you with the best of both worlds, allowing you to have a romantic trip with your partner while letting your little ones get involved, too.

Family Playing Board Game. An African-American family (adult male and female and two male children) sit around a coffee table playing a board game.  Photographer Bill Branson
Photo by National Cancer Institute / Unsplash

There’s no harm trying out something new, in fact there are exciting things to look forward to in an adventure. The smudging breeze, smell of trees and food, the quiet yet radiating beauty of the stars at night… oh! What an adventure. Below are some of the benefits of family moon

It extends holiday. When you go on a family-moon, you are not worried about your kids or in a rush to go back because you miss them. Bringing them with you on a family-moon, can extend the holiday for as long as you please. If you want to have a month-long adventure bursting with new experiences, a family-moon is the way to go.

Time flies like the wind, spend time with them while they are young while living your best live. Make the most of the precious time you have together and involve them in as many parts of your life as you can while they’re young. Kids at certain ages prefer to explore the world with friends, enjoy them when you can.

You get to know each other in a new environment. Moving away from the challenging environment back home can give you all a chance to bond and make memories on neutral ground. Being somewhere that’s unfamiliar to everyone makes it easier to get along and embrace new experiences.

Ladies in Botswana like to gather and celebrate the coming of a young one with gifts and drinks.
Photo by Mohau Mannathoko / Unsplash

Exclusive just-for-two honeymoons are transforming into “We’ll come, too!” family holidays. Make your big day even more special and memorable for the most important people in your life by inviting your little ones to tag along on your exotic getaway.

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