FabAfriq Magazine: Thanks Djara for taking part in this interview.

Djara da Brown: Pleasure is all mine. Thanks for having me.

FabAfriq Magazine : Tell us about Djara da Brown?

Djara da Brown: Djara da Brown is a Cameroonian artist, sound engineer and producer based in the US.

FabAfriq Magazine: What inspired and motivated you?

Djara da Brown: I have always loved music as a teenager, I was part of an Accapella group and also part of my high school choir. I was inspired by Eminem growing up and always mimicked his raps. I equally drew inspiration from MI Abaga.  As far as sound and engineering goes, Dj Xionic served as a mentor and was my major source of inspiration.

FabAfriq Magazine: What are the various challenges that you have encountered in your professional activities?

Djara da Brown: As an artist I have encountered a lot of challenges, one of them being able to get my art known and recognised because at some point you need to have a godfather or intended support to be heard. My most difficult challenge this far was being an independent artist, making decisions and also financing my art all by myself. It gets hard sometimes when you hit a brick wall and have no team to dive in and remedy the situation with you. Getting my music to the right audience at the right time has also been a difficult task to hit right.

FabAfriq Magazine: Tell us about the various events in and out of Africa in which you have participated?

Djara da Brown: I have been part of many events both  home and abroad but I will mention the few that meant a great deal to me this far.  I was one of  the artists who performed at the first Luke Brown experience private event at Chariot Hotel in Buea, I performed at a concert at Franco alliance and  a track zone concert organised in Muyuka my home town. I was part of the very first edition of Urban Click organised by Prince Enobi and his team. With regards to my experience abroad, I took part in the National Veteran Convention here in the United States, under the wing of the New England Veteran club where I performed. I have had several high-end private shows, events and parties here in the United States and Europe.

FabAfriq Magazine: What has been your greatest musical achievements?

Djara da Brown: Well, I have not had any awards yet, but I'm getting there. My greatest achievement is the number of young artists I have impacted through music in the likes of producing, writing songs for them,  creating Instrumentals for them and also teaching them the art of production while at it. There are also some Urban Artists that I have been working with and assisting. Seeing them all doing well and improving feels like an achievement for me. I love to see people grow and succeed, especially people I get involved with. But I am rooting for awards in the near future.

FabAfriq Magazine: What are the various characteristics required for an musical entrepreneur to succeed?

Djara da Brown: Patience, hard work, Determination, Humility and also the ability to listen, learn and don’t be a smart ass about it. You never know too much and no one is an Island. Most importantly you need financial stamina and most of all you need GOD!

FabAfriq Magazine: What do you want to see change in Africa, particularly in the Cameroonian music industry?

Djara da Brown: In Africa, I want to see us take on the music world which I believe is creating an impact. For Cameroon in particular I wish we could have more solidarity, support and togetherness because it seems as if you don’t have a godfather or  “clique” you  belong to, things get a little fuzzy. There is a lot of open love but backstabbing going on in the industry. We see these things and we also get complains from our colleagues about it. If our people can promote us, stream and buy our songs, pay artists their fair share for shows and events, I think we will make it big in no time. Trust me there is so much talent in Cameroon that we would be wowed by when we finally share the platform.

FabAfriq Magazine:   What advice do you have for young people who want to work in the music industry?

Djara da Brown: Same answer I gave to being an entrepreneur and succeeding “Patience, hard work, Determination, Humility and also the ability to listen, learn and don’t be a smart ass about it. You never know too much and no one is an Island. Most importantly you need financial stamina and most of all you need GOD!!”.

FabAfriq Magazine:  What advice do you have for African youth?

Djara da Brown: Be creative and never let anyone talk you down on what you believe you are capable of doing. Avoid competitions if you don’t believe they can contribute to your growth, because those little offsets can either encourage you or break you down. Do you  with all you have in you and always know this, your talent is yours and  whoever steps in to be part of it is only there to help you grow and also benefit from it so own your world and spread love doing that.

FabAfriq Magazine: How do you balance your professional and personal lives?

Djara da Brown: I am a private person but entertainment can never be too private. I just try to balance the scale between work and pleasure like I do with the Job and my music. I share what needs to be shared and I keep what needs to be kept private.

FabAfriq Magazine: What are your hobbies and favorite dishes?

Djara da Brown: I love watching soccer, listening to music, watching movies and most importantly I love video games FIFA soccer games to be precise (Ps4 and Ps5), and I love and know how to cook.

FabAfriq Magazine: Thanks for the opportunity and time.

Djara da Brown: The Pleasure is all mine. Thanks for having me.

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