The CHAOS in our Twenties

On Sunday, I was exploring my girlfriend’s workplace business centre in Bangsar South City, Kuala Lumpur. Come to my surprise there was nobody in the area and I have my camera with me back in my car. The idea of the photo was initially making her looked like she is dancing in the sky, it was until she was starting to land on the ground I took another chance to take another picture. I find it looked like she is floating in the air, took some edit and this seems to be the best photo I took.
Photo by Marque Tan / Unsplash

I know a lot of people in their twenties once admired one of those bougie aunties with heads-spinning perfumes and skin looking like coconut milk. At some point, you might have told yourself that becoming like the woman who carries a boss lady aura is the life you want and deserve. With all certainty, you knew this life will come, you knew in your twenties life will balance up and you will start living a dream or two.
Photo by Nicola Styles / Unsplash

But they were a lot of things that you did not know, the late night cries in the darkness of your room with due rent payments, empty pots because it is month end and since the family worked so hard to see you through, you have to send some cash home and all that is left is just enough to get you to work every day till its salary time again. No one told you these, no one told you you're perfect afro skin popping looking aunt you so much admire went through all of these, yet every morning, her gloss shines a little bit more in her perfect dress ready for her imperfect day.

Most young people don't realise that their role models wear resilient the same way they wear their Dior perfumes every day, I mean you will never imagine what these people had to deal with. However, far from imagination, you are here now, living your twenties and experiencing the bittersweet nature of being in your twenties and for the most part, we know being a young adult is exhausting and demanding. Most times if not all, anxiety steps in, and you are often confused if you are making the right decisions or not and you start hitting hard on yourself and think catching a break is a sin.

Photo by Cristian Palmer / Unsplash

wind and learn how to dance to various music life plays at me, most times I will just be the foolish young adult and accept my inner child that giggles at the senseless thing, I will breathe and I will take a break when it's hard, I will cry too then clean my face and wear my lip-gloss like the bougie aunty I admired.

This nugget might not work for you, but  I hope you find the things that remind you to feel alive, the things that make life soft, the things that lessen the chaos of an adult in their twenties.  On days you feel sane, remember that life is one big party, just live it.

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