Prudential Beneficial Insurance Cameroon organized a four day recognition for its customers and employees, in commemoration of the International Customer Service Week, from 4th- 8th October, 2021. Each year, companies celebrate this week under different themes. The theme this year was “The Power of Service”.

The idea behind this initiative was to celebrate people on the frontline of the company doing an amazing job, and also, to appreciate loyal Prudential customers.

Keeping in mind that customer service is philosophical, every single employee from the CEO down to the guard, has an impact on either the outside customer or internal customer.

In its demonstration of the power of service, Prudential Beneficial Insurance, Douala, appreciated its clients with gift packs filled with branded items, cake, candy and chocolates. When it came to getting insights on how people feel about its clients,a few clients shared their thoughts and mentioned how they would like to be treated onwards.

The staff was equally encouraged not to relent in providing premium customer service to the clients. They were applauded by the management, in appreciation of their services and enjoyed a moment of refreshments.

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