This one is for all my fabulous short people. Welcome to the vertically challenged club, where good things come in small packages. Yeah you got me right. In a world where height is a determining factor for relationships, respect, career growth, and more, i'm here to flip the script and show you why being short equals grace. From being cancer protected,lower blood clot risks, living stress free, cruising through crowds with ease to becoming the master of hide-and-seek, being short isn't just a height, it's a lifestyle. I know how traumatic some people and situations can make you feel just because of your height, but not to worry, cos they definitely have no clue how blessed you are just by being short. I know this comes as a shock to most of our fabulous readers, but hey grab a cup of coffee, my dearest vertically challenged club members; make sure its one you can reach for OK! and permit me drill you on the health benefits of being short.

Better Heat Tolerance.

Now y'all can testify that the intensity of heat these days make it seem as though hell is so close to us. Many countries around the world have and are still experiencing severe heat waves thanks to climate change. Y'all know that kind of heat that gives you body sores and redness! Imagine the sweetness of withstanding the heat just because you're a short person. Studies by researcher Tom Samaras in an essay, "What's Good About Your Height" revealed that shorter people are less susceptible to heatstroke and exhaustion. Their smaller body size allows for easier heat dissipation compared to taller people with more surface area. Samaras explains that tall people's ability to stay warmer in cold weather becomes disadvantageous in hot weather due to their shorter surface area.

Reduced Cancer Risk

The prevalence rate of cancer keeps rising by the day. Even the most careful people are not safe, nor matter how preventive they can be. How blessed are you once your height alone already serves as a cancer preventive method for you. A Karolinska Institute study reveals that men's cancer risk increases by 11% for every extra 10 cm of height, while women's risk rises by 18% per 10 cm. The study, based on 5.5 million people, found that individuals of above-average height are 30% more susceptible to skin cancer. Short people, you'all are indeed blessed.

Stress-free Lives

Contrary to what most people think, shorter people might experience less stress in life than tall people. A study from New York City University found married men under 5 feet 7 inches (170 cm) were 32% less likely to divorce than average-height men.  This could have something to do with the age at which shorter individuals get married, more than anything. Researchers theorize shorter men likely have a longer courtship and could be entering matrimony on more solid grounds. So if you want to enjoy marital bliss, marry a short person; though i know a lot of men will not agree with me on this one, considering the number of memes and TikTok videos about short girls. Lol!

You’re Less Likely To Have Blood Clots.

Short people will rarely experience blood clots. Sigrid Braekkan and his team at Norway's University of Tromso collected data from 26,714 men and women. He discovered that taller people are 2.5 times more likely to develop Venous Thromboembolism (VTE), a condition characterised by deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism, based on data from 26,714 individuals. Isn't it amazing to be short?

Longer Lifespan

One amazing thing about being short is the the grace to live longer. Research by evolutionary biologist and Imperial College professor Armand Leroi suggests a connection between height and lifespan. The hormone controlling growth also influences ageing. Lower IGF (insulin-like growth factor) levels are linked to a longer life. Studies on animals and humans suggest shorter people with potentially lower IGF may live longer.

My Vertically challenged fabulous people, celebrate and be grateful for you height cos being short is a huge blessing from God!!!

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