Hey fabulous people! I am very sure you all cannot wait to discover that beach and where it is located, hey hey hey! don't worry i will tell you. Welcome to Sardinia, IS Benas Beach where the government has legalized naked weddings. Officials explain that this is a step intended to encourage naturists to travel to the Italian island, as well as to lay emphasis on the value of freedom.

This  idea for naturist weddings came about when a German couple asked if they could get married on a beach designated for nudists. Luigi Tedeschi, the mayor of the town closest to this beach, did not hesitate for a moment. The Mayor went as far as declaring in an interview with CNN that nudity has nothing to do with sex.

"For naturists, it is a philosophy of life, related to nature. Benas beach, a mixture of naturists and clothed tourists, will become a symbol of freedom and acceptance,"  He explained.

The authorities plan to create  a network of naturists beaches throughout Sardinia, creating a route that will attract this type of tourists. Tedeschi noted that areas reserved for naturists are always clean, unlike other parts of the beach.

For all my adventurous couples, is this something you would want to try?

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