Your relationship with money can either make or mare your financial well-being. But first of all let me ask you, what feelings or emotions do you experience when you see money? Excitement or critical thinking? Once you have the answer, you can easily determine where your financial journey is headed. Having a healthy relationship with money is key to financial success.

One very important factor that influences our understanding of money is how our parents handled it; believe me this has a lot of influence on our beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors towards money. If our parents had an unhealthy habit with money, spending more and earning less, not saving, not budgeting and accumulating debts, you'll definitely grow up with that mentality. That is why some families only have one rich person that everyone looks up to, because every other person becomes so entitled that they think money is meant to spent and not saved or invested. So all they do is squander every dime they get from the well to do family member. That of course is a very bad relationship with money.

On the contrary, if you grow up seeing your parents working hard, saving and investing money, that habit will sink deep in you and when it is your turn, you will definitely do same; reason why some families amass so much wealth that even their 10th generation can't suffer from poverty, even if they just decide to stay home and chill; which is not what we recommend though, Lol!. These group of people are those who have created a healthy relationship with money.

Remember not to risk sacrificing our wellbeing, relationships, and overall happiness by placing money on a pedestal and obsessively pursuing it. We will never achieve that stage where we feel we have accumulated enough; there will always be need and room for more.

So here is my question to you again, what is your relationship with money?

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