by Mange Bongake

Nothing good comes easy and every dark cloud has a silver lining. Let us all be products of our actions and not circumstance. Below are some tips that will help you rekindle your lost love or a newfound rebound.

Get Closure; It is important to close your heart and mind to whatever you had before, lack of closure can destroy the beautiful thing you’re trying to build, a part of you will always seek answers, forgive yourself and let go.

Heal; Closure and healing see like a chain reaction. When you get closure healing comes faster and when you heal you give yourself the chance to feel everything worth feeling. The best way to heal is by dealing with the pain not ignoring it. This is for you to feel like a new born ready to grow, glow even your mistakes will come from a better place.

Care as much; Don’t be scared of loving, love as you’ve never loved before… you see those figments of your imagination, explore them and make your partner feel proud of have found you in that place and even happier seeing who you have become.

Cut off unhealthy/ triggering conversations with your ex; Believe me, most exes don’t want their former partners to be in a better place, funny as it may sound some exes come back into your life to “finish you completely”. And yes, nobody gets to you without your permission. Let the wishes remain wishes, if they couldn’t make it right during their time with you, it’s their loss. Don’t give it a chance.

Be more purpose-driven: Don’t overwhelm yourself with sex and get lost in the moment. You may lose focus on the bigger picture of building a healthy relationship and turn it into something worse than a rebound. B of each other and objectives even in growing individually, above all seek God. (Don’t worry about your mess if your partner could get you better what more of God?).

Autumn love.
Photo by Adrian RA / Unsplash

In a nutshell, we should be able to accept ourselves regardless. If you’re seeking a rebound to comfort you because your personality can’t deal with hurt alone that’s alright. As I earlier mentioned we are humans the most important thing is being conscious of your actions. If not you may end up breaking, even more, imagine leaving a toxic relationship and immediately engaging in a toxic rebound. You may never want to have anything to do with relationships or feel worthless for the rest of your life. I hope the write up enlightens you in making wiser decisions about relationships.

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