A man’s accessories say a lot about his personality. Accessories elevate your outfit and can give you a confidence boost. Adding those extra details is worth the effort and not just because they serve a functional purpose. It's not for nothing that people say the devil is in the details. In other words, without the right accessories, chances are good that your outfit will be sorely lacking. Some of these items you may not wear often, but there will be an occasion, as a grown man, when you will need them and you’ll be thankful that you thought far enough ahead to take care of them before it’s too late and you’re scrambling at the last minute.

Getting dressed for interview
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1. Wallets

The idea here is to create soft but durable leather. A slim money clip or card case may do if you prefer something less cumbersome. Taylor Stitch, for example, considers itself first and foremost a shirtmaker, but the business can dress you from head to toe in style. Take, for example, this Minimalist Billfold. It's made of 100 percent full-grain Spanish cowhide and has six card slots and an inside currency pocket while remaining smaller than standard bi-fold options.

Walleon Smart Wallet
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2. Watches

It's great to have at least one casual timepiece (such leather or silicone) that you can wear every day of the week and a nice one (look for a bracelet band) that can do double duty for business and special events. Popular brands include Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin, Audemars Piguet, Blancpain, Ulysse Nardin, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Omega, and Glashutte Original.

3. Sunglasses

Not just for the summer, sunglasses are must-have accessories men need to counteract glare and protect their eyes from UV radiation in any season. Sunglasses are necessary whether you're a sunglass guy or not since they protect your eyes from the sun, keep you from squinting, which causes wrinkles around your eyes, and they may give a fashionable, cool touch to your wardrobe. Check out my sunglasses story to learn how to select the best frames for your face shape.

4. Hats/ hoodies

Create a well-rounded collection by collecting numerous styles to suit a variety of aesthetics and formality. We all have lazy days, myself included, when you simply say, "F it, I'm going to throw on a hat." Hoodies may keep you warm while it's chilly and cheesy outdoors.

Playing at 1st World War Reconstitution organized by the Mayor of SERRIS in France.

Sépia filter on a layer and initial color on 1st layer
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5. Jewellery

When it comes to jewellery, don't overthink it. Small add-ons, such as a ring or pendant, can be an extension of your personal style, sentimental symbols, or both. Wear a chain necklace or bracelet by itself or layer different metal finishes. Fashion Jewellery creates a new look when paired with a different outfit every time or different jewellery with the same outfit. You can create a new look with the same outfit many times.

6. Ties

Use a necktie to provide a splash of colour or a subtle pattern, then add flare with a tie bar. (Tip: Always secure your tie clip between the third and fourth buttons on your shirt.) These two ties will go with whatever suit you own, making them an absolute must-have. Check that the breadth of your tie flatters your body shape.

Photo by Nathan Dumlao / Unsplash

7. Leather dress belt

Since you’re going to own dress shoes, you absolutely need to match your leather belt to your shoes.The general rule is to choose shoes and a belt in the same colour and finish, but they don't necessarily have to be exact. Every guy should have at least two colours: black and brown.

8. Dress socks

A skilfully picked pair of oxfords and brogues is another way to showcase your own distinctive style. Dress socks with a simple design are ideal for events with a tighter dress requirement. Because dress shoes might be on the tight side, choose a sock with a thin weave. Remove your white socks. These socks may and should be used as daily socks. There are numerous firms who provide warmer versions if you require higher duty, thicker socks for your profession or because of the weather.

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