South Africa is not just about its beauty and good climate as a country, but also home to the world's best whisky.  Amidst the razzle-dazzle of this year's World Whiskies Awards gala in London, Three Ships Whisky stole the show, as it was crowned the World's Best Whisky, for its 12-Year-Old Double Wood expression.

Another win for South African whisky came in the form of  Bains's Founders Collection 15-Year-Old, crafted at the James Sedgwick Distillery. This exceptional grain whisky clinched the title of "World's Best Grain Whisky."

The other two category finalists were the Three Ships Whisky 5-Year-Old Premium Select in the Blends category and the Three Ships Whisky 21-Year-Old Millennium representing in the Single Malt category.

The judging process of the World Whiskies Awards, conducted by Whisky Magazine, involved over 200 international experts assessing more than 1500 whiskies from 40 countries.

So, Three Ships Whisky drinkers, let me remind you that you're officially drinking "world-class" whisky; and yes over 200 judges voted so!

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