Speed Mentoring: A Powerful Tool for Personal and Professional Growth

Speed mentoring is a powerful tool for personal and professional growth. It provides an opportunity to network with various leaders and people from all walks of life, gain different perspectives, and acquire valuable insights. Before delving into the power of speed mentoring, let's discuss what this form of mentoring entails.

Speed mentoring allows individuals to quickly connect with multiple mentors within a short period of time through a series of brief conversations focused on specific questions. A perfect example of speed mentoring is the program often organized by @Corporate Women In Leadership. In this program, mentors engage with young women seeking to grow their careers, discussing topics such as the power of networking, salary negotiation, career planning, time management, and much more.

I would like to share my experience with the most recent speed mentorship program, which I was fortunate to participate in and whose impact I still feel today. The June 2024 edition of the speed mentorship covered five major topics, which I will now expound upon.

Change And Adaptability.

Samira Hamadou, Partner at ECA.SA, delved deeply into the importance of adapting to change, especially in the professional world. Change is an integral part of growth, and unless you embrace it positively, you will remain stuck in your comfort zone.

For example, imagine you are working in West Africa, and your company transfers you to South Africa. You are already comfortable in your current location, but moving to a new country, settling into a new house, meeting new colleagues, and working under a new boss can be challenging. However, if you don't welcome this change positively and learn to adapt, you may prefer to stay where you are comfortable and consequently hinder your career advancement.

This is why some people remain in the same company for over ten years, occupying the same position they had when they first joined. Embracing change is crucial for career growth and advancement.

The Art Of Delegating Tasks.

Yvette Mendoo, Head of Business Integrity at GUINNESS Cameroon, expertly dissected this topic for all the mentees. The truth is, you cannot do everything alone. When you delegate tasks, everyone becomes more productive, deadlines are met, and the team is empowered. If you try to do everything on your own, you will experience burnout, which will affect your productivity, and all the knowledge will remain with you alone.

Delegating tasks isn't just about instructing someone to complete a report by tomorrow or to send emails to clients. When distributing tasks, ensure your instructions are precise and that the person has access to all the information they need to complete the task. This way, they won't need to keep coming back with questions or requests for additional information.

Time Management.

Time lost can never be gotten back. You can only be productive if you manage your time well; otherwise, you will hardly meet deadlines. If you have a full-time job, a home to run, kids to take care of, a course to study, friends to hang out with, and personal time to look after yourself, you will understand that managing your time well is of utmost importance.

To manage your time effectively, get a book and a pen, list your tasks according to priority, set SMART goals, focus on your goals, be disciplined about achieving them, and stay motivated about your priorities. Your source of motivation is what will keep you going, even when you face challenges.

Mastering The Art Of Communication.

Many people talk, but they do not communicate effectively. Until you are heard and understood, you are only talking to yourself. Jane Forlemu, Human Resource Manager at Gaz Du Cameroun, emphasized this point. When you speak, whether during a meeting or an event like the speed mentorship program, keep these questions in mind: What do I want people to take away as a message? How do I captivate my audience within the first 30 seconds? How do I know if I have been understood? Once you address these questions, your audience will have limited or no questions to ask.

The Power Of Networking.

As the saying goes, "Your network is your net worth." The connections you make and the relationships you build can have a direct impact on your personal and professional growth. Before you choose a network, think about where you want to be tomorrow and connect with those who are already there.

I was particularly touched when Bernadette Owasi, Sales Director at ESS Asset Management, stated that networking does not mean showing up in a room and being loud and nosy. Instead, you could simply smile, be available and ready to help, always have something to contribute, know how to relate with people, and be polite and humble. This approach can catch someone's attention without you necessarily having to sell your skills. People enjoy working with polite, humble, and open-minded individuals. If you possess these attributes, people are more likely to think of you when an opportunity arises.

Once you are called for an interview because your attributes attracted attention, then you can showcase your skills. To create valuable networks, you need to be strategic in how you relate to people and the things you say.

If I am able to write about these five topics as I just did, and more importantly, apply them in my personal and professional life, it is thanks to the power of speed mentoring. This is your chance to attend our August speed mentorship program or make an effort to attend similar programs around you.

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