It was blissful , fun, exciting and fascinating moment as we released the latest edition of our magazine, "The Illuminate Issue." People came from far and near,and we had a vast diversity of guests ranging from clergy to journalists, bloggers, presenters, influencers, models, animators, entrepreneurs and corporate men and women.

We were blessed to have Rev Fr Basil Sede, all the way from the US, who blessed us all and we kickstarted the release party.

I know y'all must be wondering the brain behind this amazing, glossy lifestyle magazine.

There you have her. The ambitious, creative, fashionable and amazing lady, Adeline Sede Kamga. She has successfully spearheaded FabAfriq magazine for the past 13 years. Here she was welcoming the guests as she talked to them about the choice of cover lady Saida NEGHZA, and the inspiration behind it. If you want to catch all of that juicy explanations, watch the release party video on our Youtube page. (The link is at the bottom of this article).

Lets continue, as i walk you through every step of this funfilled release party. The amazing presentation brought us to the highlight of the event," the unveiling of the magazine cover". To make this more exciting and make everyone feel at home, a total of five guests were randomly selected from the hall to unveil this exhilirating cover; and boom here it is.

We will talk about the quality and glossy nature of this magazine next time; but for now, let' s concentrate on the content. What's in this magazine is not something you will want to snoop on. It touches each and every one in every dimension; from career to parenting, cuisine, fashion, business, tourism, healtha and relationship, the illuminate issue has it all.

Our guests got to have a view, feel and swift read of the magazine by purchasing copies; after which they gave their impressions which were all fascinating.

Before i forget, we had a special edition called the FGM, which talked about female genital mutilation, at the party. This edition was produced in collaboration with the UN. Because FabAfriq's  goal is to raise awareness by communicating and creating a positive impact, the FGM edition was distributed for free.

Need i remind you that FabAfriq media group is a strong activist when it comes to breast cancer. Given that it is breast cancer awareness month, we had our little pink corner where we sold pink items to raise funds to support the Patcha foundation, which raises awareness against breast cancer.

Our picture and interview corner seemed to be an exciting corner for our guests as they danced, took pictures, made videos and networked; but this was after they ate,drank and made merry.

FabAfriq's Illuminate magazine release party was really a night of true illumination.

To have a copy of the magazine, send us an email via and feel the gloss while enjoying the read.

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