Christmas holiday, personally one of my all-time favourites is the time for families and friends to reconcile and celebrate with each other. It has reigned for over centuries and the tradition is still very much alive today, but did you ever wonder what the name Christmas means? Don’t worry I got you!

The name Christmas picks it’s etymology from the words Christian Mass; in short, Christmas. A lot of us were born into this tradition and some of us haven’t quite taken time to look back on the essence of Christmas. As kids most of us were only exited about the fact that we’d get new clothes, shoes and of course eat good quality meals. As Christian adults, we get to develop a deeper insight to what it actually means in our Christian race and faith.

Christmas is celebrated to welcome the Prince of Peace; The Lord Jesus Christ whom God sent to die for the atonement of the sins of the world which is the ultimate sacrifice and gift God ever gave us. The birth, life, death and resurrection remains a mystery till date as we still await Christ’s coming.

A new born king
Photo by Batang Latagaw / Unsplash

During this period which comes at the end of every year, Christians give gifts, sing and shout songs of glory to God with one another joyfully. It is usually accompanied with bells and lighted trees which all have symbolic meanings as per the Life, death and resurrection of Christ Jesus.

Christians are encouraged to take rest during this period and surrender their lives, let go of their sins and burdens to God for that is why Jesus was sent, to take away the sins of the world and grant us Peace, the Peace of the Lord which surpasses all.

Recently this Christian tradition has been misconceived by many, and it has even lost its essence in some areas of world. Rather than resting on the Lord, and him for restoration. Some have taken this period to drink themselves away, committing atrocities of all sorts and normalizing it to a period of an ordinary economic boost, a gateway for juvenile delinquency and lavishing.

Outdoor champagne in the evening
Photo by Dave Lastovskiy / Unsplash

This misconception has led many youths and Christians astray thus, giving cold feet to some. However I hope this article urges you to not lose your trust and value during this time for Christmas is all we have as Christians. The Coming of Christ is the story of our salvation.

Ngum Dilis is a Content Creator, graphic designer and holder of a Bachelor's degree in Journalism and mass Communication

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