Times are increasingly hard and it is difficult to stay focused and cautious. Consciousness and deliberate thought is an art of caution to guide our moment-to-moment actions and it also serves us socially and culturally as a means of understanding our environment.  Conscious thought has powerful indirect effects on behaviour such as character modification.

Conscious thought is something you're engaged with deliberately, you are very aware of what you're thinking and why you're thinking it. A major function of consciousness is to transmit and process information in our minds. With this, we can analyse our needs and wants. After this is done an optimal course of action is taken. Phenomenal consciousness allows conflicts originating from the physical environment to be resolved.

When we fail to acquire proper information to make informed decisions, we risk causing harm in the choices we make. Sometimes, taking caution, pausing and reviewing before leaping into innovations that may improve risks.

To stray from the danger we can stay couscous through 4 main factors. There are; conscious of surrounding, understand the people around you, be confident and focused, differentiate between reality and virtual.

Be conscious of your surrounding; always take precautions and leave no stone unturned. No matter how safe you think a neighbourhood might be, it's still not a good idea to leave the front door open, your valuables in the car, your purse on top of your office desk, or to flaunt all of your expensive jewellery and other belongings. Bad things happen in "safe" areas all the time. In fact, would-be attackers lurk around places where they can have the opportunity to catch people off guard, and remain anonymous.

Photo by Jakayla Toney / Unsplash

Understand the people around you; here remember communication is no just what people say, it’s how they say it, the tone, facial expression, and body language. Read between the lines of people character around you to infer intends towards you. Heed warning signs even when you are with people you know and trust. Never take anything for granted.

Be confident and focused; your insecurity or confidence rubs off you. At all times you have to stay focused and calm because predators look for people who are meek, mild, weak, unfocused, and distracted. Predators look for easy targets. It is best to present yourself in an assertive manner. When walking down the street, make eye contact with people who look at you.

Differentiate between reality and virtual worlds; first acknowledge that alcohol or drugs can cloud judgment. Toxins and toxic intake can disorientate an individual and even change their temperaments. It is for this reason certain places like bars and pubs may present some danger, particularly if they're crowded. He also says mutual drinking can increase chances of rape or sexual assault among people who know each other.

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