I'm certain that by now your resolution list must be full, but if it does not include skincare then this is a gentle reminder that you have to add skincare to it. While you are taking care of your finances, religious life, social life and all, make time for your skin as well. Don't you want to have a glowing skin throughout the year?However, whether it’s to drop a few kilos or secure the bag, we all know that sometimes those resolutions can be hard not only to maintain but also to achieve; but these are a few simple yet practical skincare habits to adopt this 2024.

Stop touching your face

Harmful bacteria can be found all around us from our cellphones to our car keys to our door handles. Most importantly, it’s also on our hands. Even if you’re diligent about washing your hands regularly, there will still be plenty of germs on your fingers throughout the day, and every time you touch your face, you’re transferring this bacteria onto your skin.

The same goes for dirty cellphones and pillowcases the bacteria they transfer to the skin is a leading cause of breakouts. Try to avoid touching your skin as much as possible and don’t pick at blemishes, as this may lead to infection. Clean your cellphone and wash your pillowcase regularly your skin will thank you for it.

Remove your make-up before going to bed

We’ve all had those days when all you want to do is hit the pillow and can’t be bothered to do your evening skincare routine or simply remove your make-up. Going to bed with make-up on is terrible for your skin and should be avoided at all costs. It clogs pores, may lead to breakouts and leaves skin looking lacklustre. Stick to your evening skincare routine every day, and always remove your make-up before going to bed no matter how tired you are.

Stay hydrated

There are endless benefits to drinking water throughout the day. From better digestion to maintaining healthy blood pressure, water nourishes our bodies and helps them to function optimally. It is also essential for hydrated skin. The more water you drink, the more hydrated and plumper your skin will be. Plus, as water helps flush out toxins, you’ll also enjoy a clearer complexion with fewer breakouts.

Focus on antioxidants

To combat the effects of harmful free radicals on the skin and body, it’s important to ensure your diet and skincare regime is rich in high performance antioxidants. When it comes to food, be sure to eat plenty of brightly coloured fruits and vegetables such as strawberries, oranges, bell peppers and tomatoes. The more intense the colour, the higher the antioxidant presence. When it comes to skincare, vitamin C is your best friend. A powerful antioxidant with the ability to prevent and correct hyperpigmentation, increase the skin’s radiance and slow down the signs of ageing, vitamin C is a skincare must-have.

This is the right time to pamper your skin.

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