I love love and i'm certain you do as well. February 14th is at the corner and surely you will want to go all out just to show your partner how much you love and appreciate them. It does not matter whether it is a longterm or kindling the flames, long distance or not, everyone deserves to feel butterflies in their tommy once the valentine's day clock ticks.

On a second thought,I do understand that there are some people who will want to do that special something but have absolutely no idea what they want to do. If you fall among this category of people, then say no more cos i gat you, introverts as well as extroverts! Here are some very romantic and exciting ideas that could make this years valentine's day an unforgettable one for you.

Culinary Delights

Lets begin with the idea of tantalizing your taste buds. Cooking together can be an intimate and fun experience. Try making a new recipe, or recreate the meal from your first date. If cooking isn’t your forte, how about a blindfolded taste test? It's playful and guarantees some giggles. Remember, it's the effort and thought that counts, not the culinary skills.

You could also Bake something sweet. Baking is a fun way to spend more time with your significant other. And you'll have a sweet reward to enjoy together, like cake, cookies , biscuits and more.

Book a staycation.

You don’t have to go far from home to have a getaway. Book a night at a nearby hotel or resort and leave your kids with a sitter or family member. Upon arrival enjoy a night away from your to-do lists and ordinary routines. Order room service, watch a movie, read together, or do whatever says “quality time” to you and your partner.

Home Sweet Home

If you're more of a home buddy, there's plenty to do without stepping out. Transform your living room into a dance floor, and sway to your favorite love songs. Or perhaps, a DIY home spa. Indulge in homemade face masks, relaxing massages, pedicure, manicure or better still a bubble bath. It's not just about the activity, but about the quality time spent together, creating memories.

You  could equally Plan an indoor picnic. Clear some space in your living room and lay out a blanket, and then feast on cheese and crackers, sandwiches, salads, cookies and wine together.

Adventurous outings

First off, consider breaking the routine with an adventurous outing. How about a sunset hike, where you and your beau can watch the day turn into night, hand in hand? Or, for the adrenaline junkies, tandem bungee jumping nothing says ‘I trust you’ like leaping off a bridge together; and for those who prefer a more tranquil adventure, a hot air balloon ride at dawn can provide breathtaking views and a serene atmosphere to share heartfelt conversations.

Exchange heartfelt gifts.

No, February 14 doesn't have to be all about Valentines day presents, but it is nice to give and receive a little token of affection. Consider purchasing an item your loved one has always wanted or even. To spice the gift exchange and make it more exciting, you could send your partner on a treasure hunt. Send your significant other on a scavenger hunt dotted with trails of rose petals and handwritten clues to find their Valentine's Day gift.

Inspite of whatever activity you will be carrying out on Valentine's day, the main ingredient remains the time spent together and the memories created. Remember, it is thoughts and the efforts that count.

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