A romantic relationship is one of the greatest opportunities for learning about oneself and how we relate to the world. But we need to have at the back of our mind that all relationships have both ups and downs.

When you search the internet or read magazines and novels, you will find similar tips on how to keep a relationship going: understanding each other’s needs, sharing your problems, trying new tricks in the bedroom, or doing something pretty new you had never done for each other. While these may be very good tools to revive or keep a relationship strong, most of them are just short term.

As I earlier said every relationship has ups and down, but the real issue is identifying where the problem is coming from. Once you have picked out that thing disturbing your romance, you will ask yourself what next to do but before you make up your mind on the next step to take, here are some simple but very effective things to do revamp your relationship.

1. Love yourself just as you are and let your partner know your worth. Don’t try to become someone else simply because you want your partner to appreciate and love you better.

2. You cannot be in a healthy relationship if you still hold on to the past. Forgive you past and make roses with your present.

3. Make it your business to discover who you truly are daily. You can do this by looking into the mirror and appreciating your beauty every day.

4. Love more and learn more about your partner. Get to know more about their family, their work, their friends, and the people who matter most to them. Support their growth and let them see the value you add to their life

5. Trust until proven guilty. Know that everyone is unique and do not try to compare your relationship to previous relationship or that of other couples.

6. During any argument, let go of the need to be right and analyze the situation at hand. Listen without interruption while trusting your intuition might be a good thing, you must also share how you feel. Do not keep the score, forgive, and forget.

7. Focus on the positive things about your relationship, while working on fixing what does not work.

8. Remember to truly love and believe in true love.

9. Plan together

10. Pray together

Keeping a long lasting and a beautiful romantic relationship can be a little difficult but not impossible. I dare you not to try these and you will see the magic in your relation!!

                                                                                                                                   Viva Clerk

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