New relationships can be exciting as you can see in the pictures above but can also be overwhelming at the same time. A majority of you can testify to the euphoric feeling that comes with falling in love. From the long calls, to romantic texts. flowers, dinner dates, chit chats and more, which contributes in making you all giggly and smiley. However, nor matter  how lovey-dovey y'all get, avoid making the following mistakes as this could be a deal-breaker in new relationship. Here are some things to avoid when building a new relationship:

Keeping Secrets.

New relationships are quite delicate since you can either over-share or keep secrets which can threaten the relationship. It is necessary to share the important parts of your life to let your partner know more about you. If you have a dark secret, this is the best time to reveal it as your partner is more likely to be understanding. The key is knowing when to share certain things. Some secrets should not be shared with just any partner. It has to be a partner who you are getting serious with and who is equally serious with you.

Expecting perfection

This is one of the most common mistakes people make in new relationships. Setting unrealistic standards on your partner will only lead to disappointments hence jeopardising your relationship. Remember that your partner is human and can make mistakes at some point. Instead of rushing to break up, let them know that you aren’t happy with the mistake.

Sacrificing other relationships

We all know someone who ghosts everybody when they’re in a new relationship. While you may want to enjoy some quality time with your partner, this could set up the relationship for criticism from alienated friends who end up resenting the other person. You could also develop an unhealthy dependency on your partner by spending too much time together.

Being jealous or suspicious

Jealousy is not only an ugly habit but also exposes your own insecurities which can put your partner off. Avoid talking badly about your partner’s friends, especially of the opposite sex. Additionally, constant suspicion indicates trust issues which can weaken the bonds of a new relationship. It’s better to let them know your fears  rather than going through their phone.

Getting physical too fast

When it comes to sex and relationships, things can get complicated really fast. It’s okay to have sex on the first date but it’s also important to remember that sex can cloud your judgment. If you want a serious relationship, it’s better to wait a while until you’re absolutely sure you want to be intimate with that person.

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