Love is like a flame, whose spark must be kept alive especially in a long-term relationship. As the years go by, routines and responsibilities can dim the fire that once burned brightly. But fear not! cos i am here to give you some tips and creative ideas to reawaken the passion, connection, and excitement in your long-term relationship. Get ready to discover the secrets to keeping the spark alive.

Re-examine Yourself.

Do not always look at what the other person must do to drive change, but rather how you can make things better from your own end. Remember change starts with you. You may not feel the same love rush as you did when you met your partner for the first time, but it’s important to keep the spark alive and carefully reignite it whenever it starts to die down.

If your're uncertain about how to pull this off, then here's a little secret for you; write a timeless love letter . There is nothing more romantic than receiving a hand-written letter about all the things that your partner fell in love with the first time the met you. A letter is an incredibly beautiful way of expressing your feelings and showing gratitude.

Plan Date Nights

Imagine being away from the kids and all the duties that have to do with parenting, and just enjoying each others company, talking and laughing and reminiscing all your beautiful memories over a glass of wine, a sumptuous meal, a cocktail or a cup of coffee! beautiful right? If you want to have some alone time and bond better, then date nights should be top on your list. Set aside one day of the week for your dinner date and stick to it, no matter what issue arises. Plan for it each week and pick a new location every time to keep things interesting. You could even plan a surprise date for your partner to spice it up a bit.

Communicate Your Emotions

When i talk about communication, it is not just about having a chat for a few minutes; and sometimes a mere ‘I love you’ doesn’t even cut it. Communicate here means talking about everything, from your feelings and emotions to your future plans. A successful relationship is all about staying put with each other in the good and the bad times. So, constructively discuss your issues and work through them together. If something about your partner is bothering you, be honest and tell them. They won’t know unless you  talk to them about it.

Impress Each Other

Remember how you both would dress in your best clothes, shave your hair or put on some makeup just to look all glamorous for the other person, keep that habit alive. It worked didn't it? Go back to the drawing board and start dressing to impress. Wear a perfume that you know your partner is attracted to and wear the color they like seeing on you. Remember what their love language is. If  they like being showered with gifts then get a special gift for them, or if they're into spending intimate time together, then make sure you are available when they need you. This way, your partner will feel seen, loved, desired and will come back for more time and time again. Be each other’s number one fan!

Try New Things

The first tip is to get out of your comfort zone and do things that make you both all lovey-dovey. Go beyond the events of the day and build new experiences together. You both could try an exciting activity you've always wanted to do for the longest time and it should be  something you both enjoy. It could be skydiving in a new city or trying the exotic cuisine you’ve always wanted to get your hands on. Run a marathon together or take a vacation to a new location and spend quality time together.  The key is to keep adventuring and experimenting to keep the relationship alive and buzzing.

Try these and see how the spark comes back; but hey don't forget to come back and thank me in the comment section!!!

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