The new constitution of Mali does not include French, which has been the official language of the country  since 1960.

According to sources, French is no longer the official language under the new constitution, which was accepted handily with 96.91% of the vote in a June 18 referendum. Although French will be the working language, 13 other national languages spoken in the country will be recognised as official languages.

Remember that Colonel Assimi Goita, junta leader of Mali implemented the the new constitution of the country , ushering in the Fourth Republic in the West African nation.

According to the Presidency, Mali's military has maintained that the constitution is crucial to rebuilding the country since taking power in an August 2020 coup.

Mali has experienced two additional coups in recent years, the first in August 2020 and the second in May 2021.

The junta initially pledged elections in February 2022, but eventually pushed them back to February 2024.

The decision of Mali  to remove French comes at a time when anti-France sentiments are rising across West Africa as a result of perceived military and political meddling.

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