Celebrity love stories often captivate the hearts and imaginations of fans worldwide. Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck's relationship was no exception. Their romance made headlines, showcasing the undeniable chemistry between two mega-stars. However, much to the disappointment of their adoring fans, news broke recently that their marriage may have ended. Their love story, spanning over two decades, has been a roller coaster ride of passion, fame, and public scrutiny.

Page Six is reporting that the couple’s marriage is done and has apparently been for months, though Affleck has been fiercely protecting his wife. The couple has allegedly been apart since March, which is probably why she attended the 2024 MET Gala alone without her husband and why Ben did not join Jennifer's press tour for Atlas nor her recent vacation in Europe. Us Weekly spoke to an insider who said,

They started having issues a few months ago as Jen had started ramping up work commitments and prepping for her tour. Jen is very focused on work. They are on two completely different pages most of the time.

Another Us Weekly insider added that finances and parenting have exacerbated the issues. Reports have it that Ben had moved his belongings out of their shared home. Early in June, rumors circulated that the A-list celebrities were selling artwork from their $60 million Beverly Hills mansion, which is currently up for sale. Items from their home have been acquired by collectors, fueling rumors about the status of their marriage.

However, the two have been seen together at family events with Jennifer Lopez showing up at one of Ben’s son’s basketball games in addition to his graduation. She equally did wish her husband a happy Father’s Day on her Instagram Story a few weeks back. Ben and Jennifer have also been spotted on some occasions without their wedding rings.

In an effort to save their marriage, the pair has reportedly been attending therapy to resolve their marital issues, according to 'InTouch'. Although Affleck attends therapy and believes in it, according to a source, he finds the procedure embarrassing.

The Bennifer Journey, Affleck and Lopez first dated from 2002 to 2004, but their engagement was called off because of too much public attention. They were married to other people and had kids after their split. Unexpectedly, Bennifer got back together in 2021 and was married in July 2022 in Las Vegas. A more lavish ceremony took place in Georgia after that.

Ben and Jen are yet to formally announce a split or make any type of statement about the status of their relationship, so stay tune for more updates as the story unfolds.

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