Whatever you do in this life, make sure you are giving it your best shot. It does not matter how big or how small your job is, just make sure you do it with all the love and passion because that could be a powerful catalyst for personal and professional growth. When you make an effort to unleash your potential and be the best at what you do, you open doors of new opportunities that could pave the way for breakthrough and propel you to higher heights. Let me spell this out to you, "Being the best at your job is not about titles nor positions, its a mindset and a commitment to continuously improve and be excellent in everything you do, keeping an open mindset"; this is the case of  Gbolahan Yusuf, a young Nigerian who left from a restaurant server becoming a runway model for Fendi in Italy.

It all started when a regular customer and model scout, named Temi, noticed Yusuf's potential behind the food counter at The Place restaurant in Lagos. Taking a chance, Temi sent a video of Gbolahan to a modelling agency, opening the door to this exciting new chapter in his life.This was his breakthrough as Yusuf secured a coveted opportunity to start at the Milan Fashion Week Men's SS25, walking for luxury brand, Fendi. Temi narrates the story in a caption posted on her TikTok page ;

I was a very regular customer at The Place restaurant, Surulere, last year. I have visited the place countless times to get food and have seen Gbolahan quite often, as he has attended to me a number of times. Until the day it clicked! I looked at him as he printed my bill over the desk, and I said to myself, 'How come I haven't seen this? How did it take me so long to realise this?' Well, without hesitating, I took out my phone and made the first video on the slide. I sent it straight to my boss, Cias Model.He said it was interesting that we could see more without his cap, and that was how we started. Today, Gbolahan, from behind the desk as a restaurant server boy in Lagos, Nigeria, made his first debut in Milan for Fendi!

Now that brings me to this, would Temi have ever bothered recommending Yusuf if he kept relating poorly with customers, was a slow server, did not show up at work, did not have an open mindset, did not have confidence in himself and most importantly did not love doing his job and doing it well at all? Definitely not. So here is my advice, always give in your best at you job, nor matter how small you think you job is because you never know who is watching. Even as a street sweeper, you could sweep so well that someone admires you for that and is pushed to propose something bigger. Every little effort you do counts. So do not stop cos you never know!!!

Use Gbolahan Yusuf's story and let it be your source of inspiration.

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