Have you ever encountered someone who had an awful body smell but did not know how to deal with it ?

We all have colleagues, classmates, neighbours, and acquaintances who have bad body odours.

It can be difficult to express this to someone you have regular touch with, but here is a polite way:

1- Select a private location

Even if you are all buddies, avoid mentioning someone's body odour in front of others. If you address them in public, it will be interpreted as an assault or derision. Take them aside and explain that you need to talk about something.

2- Begin with a positive attitude
Soften the message by framing it within a caring context. Begin by recognising their good qualities. Say something like, "You're an amazing person, and I appreciate this and that about you." However, I've noticed a change in your body odour, and you don't smell very nice."

3- Give hygiene products as a gift
Instead of having an awkward conversation, give them deodorant, mouthwash, or perfume as a gift. They might pick up on the hints. If questioned, explain that you had extra while grocery shopping and thought you'd share.

4- Casually share hygiene advice

Begin a conversation about good hygiene by saying things like, "Did you know that not scraping your tongue can cause bad breath?" etc. "Wearing a sweaty shirt again isn't advisable" etc. "I have a friend selling affordable perfumes" etc. "Leaving clothes in the sun helps prevent damp odours"

Remember that approaching someone about their body odour requires caution and consideration.

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