After reading this as a man, you will definitely think twice before putting your phone in your pocket. Let me explain why that is a risky and unhealthy habit to adopt.

According to an analysis of 21 radiation research publications, men who kept their cell phones near their genitals for an extended period had lower sperm count and any sperm that survived had damaged DNA.

A lot of men have struggled with infertility. According to statistics, 14% of people worldwide struggle with infertility, with male infertility accounting for 40% of cases.

A team at the University of Newcastle in Australia conducted a study that aimed to understand the reason for this by making use of data gotten over many years.

A total of 1492 human sperm samples were investigated throughout the research. Twenty-one of the studies that the authors analysed demonstrated a direct correlation between sperm damage and mobile radiation.

It was discovered that sperm exposure was associated with a startling eight percent and nine percent decrease in sperm motility and viability

Every experimental laboratory study and every related observational study on this phenomenon produced identical results. The simple message from these studies is putting phones in your pocket is damaging to your sperm health,

Men are not taking this seriously enough. The authors stated, that a future health burden that may be created is  "DNA-damaged spermatozoa", if they keep their phones in their pockets.

So dear men watch word, Watch Out!

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