It is one thing to create a routine, but it is another thing to follow that routine and make sure it sticks. I know a lot of people fine it challenging to consistently follow a routine, especially with our busy lives as adults; it's easy to get lost in work and forget about taking care of ourselves.  A routine is important to create balance and structure in life. That said, here are five tips to create a routine that works. A daily routine can help guide your day, instead of letting the day control you, you can take charge consistently.

Get a notebook

If you want to build a routine mindset, it’s best to put your intentions into words by penning them down. Start your mornings by writing down your routine in a notebook. Create a to-do list of activities that need to be done by the end of the day; it could be laundry, cleaning, cooking, ironing, reading, or even taking a walk. You can also plan your meals in advance and be in control of your diet. Tick off the tasks as you go about your day, and keep your notebook close so that you have the option to modify your routine at any point during the day.

Set realistic goals

Be honest with yourself about what you can realistically accomplish in a day. Making unattainable goals only sets the stage for disappointment and discouragement. Realistic goals, on the other hand, boost your confidence and motivation.

Take breaks

Avoid working continuously without breaks. Short breaks throughout the day refresh your mind and prevent burnout. In fact, taking regular breaks is recommended to boost your performance and keep your mind active. It could be a chit chat break, nap break, lunch break or coffee break.

Be flexible

Life is unpredictable. Allow for flexibility in your routine to handle unexpected events without ruining your whole day. Circumstances may arise that demand a shift in your daily routine, in that case, you can always adapt your schedule to suit the current situation. Adaptability is key.

Keep a consistent sleep schedule

A good routine includes a consistent sleep schedule. Get enough sleep, as it forms the basis for a well-functioning day. Quality rest ensures you're ready to tackle tasks with focus and and renewed energy.

Hope this write up gives you the motivation to own your days by creating a routine that is realistic enough for you.

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