Teleworking is fast progressing and working from home has become more and more popular in recent years. In the name of flexibility, many companies are offering employees the opportunity to work remotely one day a week, a month or a year. It is therefore important to create a workspace at home or an office space to work comfortably. Here are our tips for creating a corner office at home.

Invest in the right equipment
Whether it is a separate room or an office area in the living room or bedroom, it is important to create a real workspace. Getting a stool in a corner or putting your laptop on your laps is not the ideal. There are many models, ranging from the minimalist wall shelf to the large desk. Everyone can find happiness. And to work calmly, we also choose a comfortable chair.

Do not neglect the light
Nobody wants to work in darkness or in a deem environment. Setting your workspace in a dark room will not make reading or typing easy. Get a space around the window for natural lighting and fresh air. You can add a lamp, with various lighting technologies: LED, fluorescent, halogen, and more.

Shelves and packing
If you do not want to multiply the furniture and boxes to stack files, opt for tablet desktop models surrounded by shelves, as they are very practical. Some are as narrow as "scale desks", others more substantial, could be organised and optimised with libraries. This second solution, often scalable, is ideal for an office desk placed in a living room. It is then possible to organise your files on shelves.

Get the right accessories
For your workspace to be pleasant and comfy, it is necessary to maximise on organisation. It must be clean and neat with practical accessories such as USB outlets to recharge the phone, storage cases, folder tray, pencil pots, etc. If there is still a piece of wall that can be used, a wall- pegboard could be added.
Sharing your office space?
Be careful, do not fall into the pitfall of sharing your workspace and making it common to all the family. Get inspired by your own workspace and create workspace for your children in their bedroom. Everyone must have his space.

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