The release of the 11th issue dubbed The Inspired issue by FabAfriq Magazine on the 15th of December, 2021 was a jamboree. This issue aims at depicting great personalities who have left remarkable footprints in impacting our world in one way or another, inspiring leadership, belief and hope.

This issue centres around the things that inspire us. So what is the inspiration some of you will ask? Inspiration is the inner drive, the willingness and hunger to achieve better things in life rather than be contemptuous or sulk about your present situation. It also awakens us to new possibilities by allowing us to transcend our ordinary experiences and limitations.

This edition selected a careful list of people who have an inspirational background, loyalty to quality and service through their businesses, and dedication to change lives. They recounted their challenges and how they sought opportunities in times of chaos.

The founder of the FabAfriq Magazine Adeline Sede Kamga in an address speech during the ceremony had this to say, “the stories in the edition are truly an inspirational story, especially that of Vumile Msweli we travelled all the way to South Africa and see how she is changing the status quo one step at a time. An inspirational speaker like that can only be exclusively interviewed in FabAfriq magazine. From a corporate junkie to a business manawa, Vumile has got it all.”

FabAfriq Magazine, is an African lifestyle Magazine that serves as an inspirational portal for Africans in the diaspora and the continent. Our platform promotes the wealth of talents we have and strives at empowering people to take control of their lives. We have offices in the UK and Cameroon, but our publications cover the African continent as a whole. We hope to educate, inspire, motivate and encourage others to believe that nothing is impossible as long as there is a will to succeed, a hardworking spirit and determination.

The event was a very participatory event with activities such as question and answer, signing of the magazine, teaser games about the new magazine cover, fun 360 video shoot, munching time and networking.

FabAfriq is your one stop shop for everything yummy, sassy and business.

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