The owner of Twitter now called X, has stated that, his face-off cage fight against Meta CEO, Mark Zuckerberg will be live streamed on his X site.

How Did They Get Here?

Elon Musk could not take it when he saw a tweet about Meta preparing to release Threads, a new Twitter rival. He commented on the tweet, but then a twitter user jokingly warned Musk of Zuckerberg’s Jiu jitsu training. In response, Musk said he was up for a cage match if the Meta CEO agrees.

While Zuckerberg posted about his completion of his jiu jitsu training this year, Musk says he’s been training by lifting weight. The two tech billionaires agreed to this fight in June, and the fight will take place in Las Vegas.

Elon Musk posted some days ago that, all the money made from the fight will be directed to charity for veterans. While the the date is yet to be communicated, Mark Zuckerberg through his post on Threads, declared he was ready even today, while stating that he had suggested August 26th when he was first challenged but, both parties have not agreed on it yet.

                                                                                            Kwatika Pamela, Editor

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