Wearing the right outfit makes a statement on who you are, it is important to pick an outfit that makes you confident and comfortable. Nonetheless always pick an outfit that makes a statement

When picking an outfit it is important to take into consideration your weather, mood and most importantly where you're going and what you'll be doing.

Five major tips to consider when picking an outfit for a Casual date;

  1. Select colors which suit your skin tone
  2. Pick an outfit that works with your body type and most importantly makes you comfortable
  3. If unsure of what to wear a pair of denim jeans would do the trick it could be ripped to stay in the casual theme and a Tshirt/blouse.
  4. Pick something fitting and always remember the shoes count too! The clothing you wear should hug your body in the right places but not too tight(if that doesn't work for you) and not too loose.
  5. Shoes are part of your outfit so ensure you pick the right one keeping in mind the activities you will be doig

For a casual date outfit, pair your favorite pair of blue jeans with an oversized shirt, and a pair of heels. Accesorize it with a necklace and a purse. this outfit is perfect to go grab a drink or brunch with the girls

Flared pants, shorts and bump jackets are a simple formula for a casual date. As for colors, you may choose any.

For my ladies who want to be in between flirty and fun yet remaining casual, a leather jacket over a pair of shorts/flair skirt paired with boots/heels depending on what you're comfortable in and accesorize with a necklace, wrist watch and purse.

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