First of all, for those who do not know, body count refers to the number of people you have had intercourse with in your lifetime. This brings us back to our question, does it affect marriages? in most cases yes it does. Marriages that are actually successful when body count is involved are very rare. I think most of us have either witnessed this or have been victims; and I suppose this topic must be very controversial, because if not tell me why researchers will take their time to dig deep and come up with factual information to prove how body count can affect marriages. The case of these two researchers from the University of Utah and Oklahoma.

Reduced Marital Chances.

Studies revealed that having multiple sexual partners reduced chances of getting married. The researcher used the National Survey of Gender to provide insights and here's what they found:

  • 95% of women who only had one partner were married by 40, and their husband was likely that partner.
  • The marriage rate went down to 89% for women with two partners .
  • Surprisingly, women who never had sex had a marriage rate of 87% almost similar to those with two partners.
  • Things changed for women with more than five partners. Their chances of getting married by age 40 dropped. Only 76% of women with 6–9 partners were married by 40. This dropped even lower to 67% for women with 10 or more partners.

Minimal Satisfaction.

According to researchers, people who have had numerous sexual partners before finally settling down tend to be less satisfied with their spouses. These researchers discovered that men and women who had more premarital sex partners were shown to be less satisfied with their marriages. It was equally revealed that early sexual activity in women  causes low satisfaction.

Gloomy Marriages.

We all know that if you are not sexually satisfied in your marriage, the word "happiness" is definitely none existent in your vocabulary, talk less of the feeling. Once you are not happy in marriage, because you or your spouse have had several sexual partners before marriage,and as such one person cannot satisfy the other, the marriage becomes more of a cross to you and what keeps running through your mind? Divorce.

High Rate of Divorce.

People with higher body counts experience higher divorce rates. Anyone who cannot be satisfied in their marriage, becomes unhappy and once happiness flies out through the window, the door becomes wide open for divorce to catwalk into your home. Contrarily, women who marry as virgins seem to have much lower divorce rates.

Hope this helps someone out there especially those who had no clue at all.

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