The Corporate Women In Leadership is pleased to announce that Gaz du Cameroun, Prudential Beneficial Insurance, Port Authority of Kribi and Access Bank, are the sponsors of the Corporate Women In Leadership Residential 2024. CWIL Residential 2024, is themed “Invest In Women: How To Unlock The Next Level” and offers aspiring leaders and women adequate knowledge on how to unlock and reach their full potential, thrive in various sectors and become catalysts for innovation, growth and progress. Executive Director Elizabeth Burns and other accomplished women will share exciting and inspiring insights on how to stand out among the crowd and succeed in what you do..

The program which will take place on Saturday March 23rd 2024, at K Hotel Bonanjo, as from 1PM prompt is organised by FabAfriq Media Group.

About The Corporate Women In Leadership.

The corporate women in leadership program was launched 8 years ago for women in top leadership positions to empower and inspire others to take up leadership roles. Targeting women in the corporate world, this initiative aims at guiding women on the best leadership practices that will impact their career growth. It is a platform for women to fan each other's flame by sharing experiences and strategies that are enabling them to scale the corporate ladder and get inspired by what others have done and are doing.

The Platform through its various empowerment programs such as Mentorship, Coaching, Leadership Summits, Masterclasses on career and personal development, provide job opportunities for some, and executive training for women.  This program was formed to uphold values, share knowledge and impact skills to young women aspiring to be leaders and anything but ordinary. This bold initiative is saddled  with the  responsibility of guiding women on  best  leadership  practices  that will  impact  career  progression.

You can register for the Residential 2024 by clicking this link. Follow us on our social media pages; Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter: Corporate Women In Leadership.

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