The Corporate Women in Leadership is pleased to announce the launch of its new project the Corporate Women in Leadership Network, an initiative aimed at supporting women to manage their career growth through its different programs; Mentorship, coaching, leadership summits, masterclasses and so much more.
The launch is scheduled for the 12th of April 2022 at  K-Hotel Bonanjo from 8:00 am to 10:00 am under the theme: How to Negotiate your Career Growth. Our speakers will give a keynote and a step by step advise on how to make negotiation work for you. The launch is open to all with an access fee of 30.000 XAF deadline to register is the 10th of April. Make it a date to join us for an inspiring first time and do not forget to recommend this program to your network!
Memberships are open for premium, Gold and Silver and this will give you access to our monthly offers.



Career Advising

Speaking opportunities

Partnership Discounts

Seminars / Conferences

Opening to other opportunities


Professional Growth and Self-Development Trainings

Much more

Membership packages vary and can be paid monthly or annually

Find out more about our concept from the link below

Corporate Women in Leadership is a platform  for women in the corporate environment to share experiences, challenges, and opportunities. Its main objective is to develop strategic and innovative concepts which will bring together a line-up of inspirational women {and men} in the corporate and business milieu with insightful corporate stories and individual support to share with young corporate aspirants.

The end goal of the Corporate Women in Leadership initiatives is to inspire young leaders to reach the top of the corporate ladder or exceed business expectations. To a certain extent, CWIL will support women in business to help shape their business, thus driving growth and better representation.

Images of our just ended event

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