Nkotti François is no more. The legendary Cameroonian artist died on August 04, 2021, in Douala due to an illness. Cameroon has thus lost a music icon. The multidimensional artist was a source of inspiration for Makossa artists, a very peculiar style of music associated particularly with the Sawa. He is one of the figures of the musical world in Cameroon who reigned during his time thanks to his rhythms enjoyed by Cameroonians within the nation and the diaspora.

Nkotti François was the founding father of the group “Les Black Styl”, whose albums are still on the record market, with more than 150 songs compiled in ten albums. He was the pride of the Sawa people, a paradigm for musicians such as Hoigen Ekwala in late memory, Belka Tobis, Benji Mateke among others. He revolutionized Makossa with his style, outfit, and messages. The cultural promoter of ultra dexterity worked alone but also in groups to reach the heights of the musical universe.

As a great cultural actor, Nkotti François, according to testimonies, was the promoter of the national music competition, which has now become "Mutzig Star". Last March, the artist celebrated 50 years of his musical career. During this event, he took the opportunity to present to his fans and the general public, his autobiographical book, which traces his musical career. He was the Economic actor par excellence of the Industrial and Commercial Musical Artistic Fair of Cameroon (Fomaric).

Nkotti François was also an emblematic figure of the ruling party. He was a very active member of the Democratic Rally of the Cameroonian People. In his long and rich political career, he was the Mayor of the Bonalea community in Moungo, Douala, between 2002 and 2013. By his spirit of rallying, he was able to make his municipality an impregnable bastion of the RDPC, the party of His Excellency, Paul Biya, whom he has always served with dedication. With age, his health took a hit. On the morning of August 04, 2021, the emblematic artist arrived at the Douala general hospital very tired. He eventually died leaving his fans, family, and friends in great grief. But an artist never dies! His songs will continue to rock countless generations.

Idriss Jose LELE

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