On July 27th 2021, former president of the United States, Barack Obama, and the National Basketball Association (NBA) released a statement via social media regarding his recent partnership with NBA Africa as a ‘Strategic partner’.

“One of the things I’ve always loved most about basketball is the fact that it brings people together and empowers young people everywhere.”

Obama was the first African American President of the US. He is a noted basketball fan, participating in games both in person and virtually, and is considered America’s first basketball President.  He had played on both the junior and university basketball teams at Hawaii’s Punahou school in the 70s.

The NBA opened its headquarters in South Africa, Johannesburg in 2010 and has since had as its goal to increase access to basketball through social responsibility. With his position as Strategic Partner, President Obama has a minority equity in the new venture stake. He intends to use it in the long run to fund Obama Foundation youth and leadership programs across Africa.

He will use his position to help advance its social responsibility efforts across the African continent, including partnerships and programs that will support gender equality and economic inclusion.

The NBA has always been a great ambassador for the United States. Basketball has the power to promote opportunity, equality, and solidarity across the continent, which is the reason why both the NBA and President Barack are delighted about this partnership.

By Berine Sunjo

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